Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emotion and the Knee-jerk Reaction

Wow, things are happening at an alarming rate. This post was originally going to focus on the gay marriage debate, gun control and the economy. But now, with the tragic slaying of a Kansas Abortion doctor, it brings another facet to the discussion.

Emotion is can be our undoing. What do I mean by that? When we let our emotions to cloud our judgement, we allow a knee-jerk response to come into play. Decisions made at that point might not be the best. If we don't think before we speak or act, bad things happen.

Take for example, this recent event in Kansas. A man, who peers claim is anti-abortion, shoots and kills a well-known abortion doctor in coldblood while he's in church. Before we scream for the repeal of the Second Amendment, take a breath and think.

This murder was committed by someone guilty of not thinking before acting. You can't win against violence when you beget violence. Yes the doctor had performed late-term or partial birth abortions. He was guilty of murder himself, in the eyes of God. But abortion is legal in the US, so by killing the doctor, you are guilty of the same crime. God is no respecter of persons, sin is sin! Let God be God and let Him judge!

If I disagree with someone, I don't take out a gun and kill that person. That doesn't win an argument!
I am a Christian, I know that battles are fought in the minds and hearts of man. Ephesians chapter 6 explains that there is a spiritual war going on, that the battle is not of the flesh. So, my fighting has to take place accordingly.

How? By praying about it. By asking God to intervene with HIS power and wisdom. The Bible tells us to respect the laws of the land and its leaders. Thus, committing a crime and murdering someone will envoke His punishment.

The Bible tells us to "walk by faith and not by sight." (2 Corinthians 5:7) That means for us to go by what we KNOW and not by what we FEEL. Our senses can betray and fool us. I'd like to think I know the Bible well (and learn more and more every time I read its passages) so I have a grasp on what's right and what's wrong in this world and how to go about defeating it.

What are we supposed to so when something is brought before us that appeals to our emotions? Stop, take a breath and THINK!

When the gay marriage debate is brought before us how is it presented? With emotion! "Oh how the gay population is down-trodden and discriminated against!"

When anti-gun lobbyists hold up a picture of a murdered teenager, what happens? It's emotional.

Talking about how GM is too big to fail and appealing to our patriotism is emotional!

Anything presented well can tug at the heartstrings and make us believe that doing one thing in response is the right thing. We need to think things through before we act. Government needs to do the same thing before they enact new legislation. Ask if this is truly better for the people or not!

So, what happens moving forward?
Pray Pray PRAY! Pray for the family of the murdered doctor. Pray for the shooter's family. Yes, because they're coming under fire now as well. What he did was reprehensible, but guilt isn't with all the family.

Get involved in the community! Let your voice be heard. Vote when the polls are open, do our duty as citizens and Christians!

We are in the world, not of it! We are Christ's mouthpiece while we're here. Proclaim the truth and don't let the world pass by without hearing the Good News of Salvation through Jesus!

The devil's spokesmen are out there now proclaiming their message, we need to stand firm and do the same for Jesus. Drown out the evil message with truth and maybe, just maybe some hearts will be softened to the point of listening to the One True God.

We need to do what's right and what the Bible tells us. That doesn't include doing violence against others in the name of God.

Remember: hate the sin, not the sinner!