Sunday, November 23, 2008


Women who were pregnant are now not, as if the child was surgically removed from the womb. Is that even possible? Of course it is, with God. It is a scary situation that someday will come to pass. I can't even imagine the horror that some people will actually go through when this event takes place. Millions will go missing from the face of the Earth, and even more will be left behind. This is the Rapture of the Church.

"Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed." (I Corinthians 15:51-52 KJV)

As I stated in the previous post, this is the event that ushers in the seven year period known as the Great Tribulation. The Tribulation is where the Antichrist comes to power through the power of Satan. When the seven years are up, the judgement comes.

I believe that the Rapture of the Church takes place before the Tribulation, thus removing the Holy Spirit from the playing field. With the Spirit removed, Satan has free reign to do his wicked pleasure. This gives rise to the Antichrist. (II Thessalonians 2)

You see what happens here? The body of the Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit. (I Corinthians 3:16) It is through us that God can work upon this world. The Antichrist, with Satan's power, CANNOT come to power without the One being that knows his true identity taken out of the picture. That would be the Holy Spirit in the hearts of Christians.

The trumpet will blow and millions upon millions will just vanish into thin air, leaving a world crippled and alone.

I'm sure that there are several questions going through your mind right now. One of them is: Who was taken and who was left behind? The answer is a gut-check. Or more to the point, the spirit-check. Those who have given their hearts over to Christ and accepted His sacrifice on the cross are removed. This includes those in Christ who died before the Rapture, and those who are alive and before the age of accountability (young children and the unborn.) God cannot hold them accountable if they can't comprehend Salvation and what it truly means.

The ones left behind are non-Christians, unbelievers, athiests, agnostics, professing Christians that never really knew God. This is a very long list and I'm sure that you will say that it isn't fair. I didn't write the Bible! Don't blame me.

The gut-check is when you reflect on your life and think back to the one time or number of times someone came to you preaching Jesus Christ. Did you shrug it off? Did you simply dismiss the ideas? This was your chance while all well and nice. You're reading this now, so here's another chance. When the day of Judgement comes, you will have no more chances or excuses. IT IS DONE!

If you think I'm wrong or off base, just wait. I wouldn't recommend it or even condone it. The time is now to make a choice. Be on the winning team or be on the losing team, it is your choice! Time to stop sitting on the fence, just watching. The Coach has called your number and it's time to get in the game and make an impact on someone's life. But it all starts with you.

Are you ready to face your maker in Judgement? Will he welcome you with open arms or will he look at you and say: "Depart from me, you worker of evil! I never knew you."

Pray this prayer: Dear Jesus, I'm a sinner and heading to hell. Please come into my heart and my life and save me. I need your salvation that you gave on that cross. Redeem me now, in Your precious Name. Amen!

If you prayed that prayer and really invited Jesus into your life, you will be one of those removed before the day of wrath. But if that day hasn't come, start living for Christ and send out the warning that you just heard. Time is short!

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